Background Tasks [4.1] 🥳

Yes i set, if I don’t disable energy saver,
the task is performed, but then MIUI turns it off. (this is on android 8.1)

The project you sent me is working on Android 11 just fine.

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Yes it works on Android 11.
But on Android 5.1 and 6.0 the app crashes after starting a task when the Clock1.Timer event occurs.

So far on Android 7, there isnt any issues, I will check on others.


The issue has been tracked.

The extension is built with Java 8 sources. Some features arent available on older devices since they run older versions of Java. This should be fixed in the next 4.1 update.


How can we filter this? So how do we make it work for a value?

You use firebase bucket property.

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@Xoma i want to call a procedure how can i ?

Have a look here.

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Hi everyone , just wondering if its just me but when I set my url for firebase , automatically is added “developers” in it …

Let’s say iI programmed that every time data changed save something in FBdatabase in GPS/ with tag “Location” and value “lon”,“lat”…

well, the result is that it saves in GPS/ with tag Locationdevelopers and value “lon”,“lat”…

thank you if someone know how to fix it

Thank you so much :heart: @ivan_fd

I have tested the application in:

xiaomi android 11 **
** moto g7 android 10

And in both cases even though the foreground notification is present and visible, it is necessary to have the application open for the extension to work, if I close the app or delete recent ones, the foreground notification is present and visible but the procedures do not work until I return to start the application.

Any recommendation?

I even modified battery preferences and permissions to restart the app automatically, but even so, if the app is not open it just doesn’t work.

That shouldn’t happen.

Not sure about this, in case you start foreground mode when the app is closed it will not work. Foreground mode should be started on the application. If that’s not the case, you are doing something or a component you are using may be killing itself. Send AIA or APK in my PM.

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You should ask in the app inventor community since you are using that.

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Hi, guys. congratulations on the wonderful extension.
It manages to implement the extension with the example (FirebaseFilter). with the much older version of the extension. Then I noticed that there are several problems like the system killing the background. I couldn’t implement modifying the (FirebaseFilter) with the new extension modifications. Could you please publish a new example that works in (FirebeseFilter) with the new updates?

Yes, but for that i would suggest to use
“keep alive extension”. developed by Ulli and you can find the link at App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps
The reason I suggest this is because with the keep alive service you don’t have to modify anything in your code. If you use this background Task extesion then you will have to rewrite most of your code

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app is clean recent task not update data in background and app is open then data update what is the wrong

Can you explain more to me which extension exactly and how to use it

you just put the “start” block into the screen.Innitialize. that’s it. then you should see a foreground notification.
This will not work on android older than 8.0

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