Background Tasks Extension [3.8 A] 🥳

I’ve been testing since Monday :thumbsup:


That’s awesome! Thanks for making video on it!


I used the extension with exoplayer.
It turns on, it plays, but how to control it?
StopService has no effect. Exoplayer keeps playing.

The stop service block does not have any effect on created components and should be handled by their own functions. Like start the playing of Exo player then after specific time stop the player using the invoke function block. Handling it individually may not be possibly currently. But surely in future versions of the extension.


I forgot to write that invoke doesn’t work.
Ok, I’m waiting for a new version :slight_smile:

Can you please post you’re blocks here?

Actually this might be added in like 1.3 or later :sweat_smile: because it may be difficult to implement. The version 1.2 may be released tomorrow :smiley: (currently writing documentation on it :sweat:)

You’re not using the blocks in the right way :sweat_smile:

I see the blocks InvokeFunction on Button2 event which will never be executed because the functions are already sent when you call StartService. This is not possible currently use invoke function blocks after the service is started. As I said in the above post that you can do like to stop it after specific seconds. So sorry, this is not possible currently :sweat_smile: But have got an idea to solve the problem maybe :smiley:


Greate Extension !

Can You Please Share A Code Ther I Can We Run Timer Or Refresh Webdata In Some Secound

For Example I Am Using An API Service That Return Some Data On Time To Time And I Want To Notify User When API Return Data

For That We Need To Refresh Web Component And Match Some Data

How To Do This


There is a block called “Execute function” block which can be used to repeat created functions etc. Here is an simple extension to show alert notice using the notifier twice in the background after interval of specific seconds (Note just use the logic, the naming of the blocks are different as it was for different version of the extension):

Timer block is not working with your Extension. Maybe it work your next release of background task extension. Or u will modify clock component as extension to according to work with event block which name as timer block In clock.

Thanks for your extension :heart: :blush:

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Hm, events will be removed for just next update as there are issues causing it. It may be added in the next versions. In this version we have Execute function block which works as same as the clock component.

Welcome :upside_down_face:

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Is this works same as clock works. I have to detect my ASD file from app which presents there then result will ok in my app but I need this continuously to detect it. ???

Maxtern, could you please explain more about what you want to achieve?

I pm you can you check it :blush:

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2.0 Big release it out! So check out the first post!

Open Source

Let me know if you face any issues!


Hello, it is possible that ALL THE APP works in the background, very good extension, greetings: D

Can you please explain more because I don’t understand what you mean :sweat_smile:

My app is earthquake, and I need some components to always be in the background, and not for some time, but to always be running, my question is: is it possible to make a component always be in the background with its extension, greetings

You mean you want to do some actions like for (example measuring the temperature) and you want it always to run in the background. Right?