BackgroundTasks Extension [PAID]

Today I am going to announce this special Extension!

Background Tasks Extension

It allows you to run any function in background even after the app is closed(Even if it’s closed from recent apps), It also supports autostart and you can run any function on phone boot! :grin:

Thanks to @chaimk for sponsoring this extension! :grin:

A important message before showing blocks,
Many of you may ask that why is it not connected directly with procedure block?
Answer -> It’s possible to run a procedure with extension but it’s not possible to run that procedure in background(There is a long story that why it won’t work that you guys may not understand as it is related to android system)
So that’s why i have added these blocks which will only take 10 Minutes to understand :smiley:

So i have also prepared a long documentation :yum:

Blocks With Docs

You cannot use other component blocks directly but here are the blocks which will help you to do that
CreateComponent Block : Use this block to create components with their id like MakeroidNotification Component with its id(Any you want)

CallFunction Block : Use this block to call any function of the component you created with its id,For example last time we created MakeroidNotification with its id “notif” so use the id notif here,Any function like SimpleNotification,and its values like title and message

RegisterEvent Block : Use this block to register any function to happen when any event occured(There is register function block for it,Shown below)For example you can Set a clock’s Timer event here and register any function(Single or multiple) to happen when event fires.

RegisterFunction Block : This block is is used to register any function and set a function id for it(The function id is needed in register event block).Every else his same like Call Function block.

IfBlock Block: Use this to trigger registered functions(with RegisterFunction block) if input is true

ReigsterIfBlock block: Use this to register a block to be called on event,Everything else is same to If Block

Start Block : Use this block to start the background task after every block is set,You can set a delay to start task after how much time.

SaveForBoot Block : Use this block to save the blocks to run when a Phone Boots.

SetAlarmForActivtiy Block : This block can set timer to open an activity after how much time you want,Even if the app is fully closed

StartAutoStartSettings Block : It can open autostart settings of your phone.

CancelAllTasks : It will cancel(stop) the background task.

StartForeground : This block specially starts the foreground task.

CancelForegroundTask - It will cancel(stop) the foreground task.

CheckAutoStartPermission - Check if auto start is on or off(result by event)

AutoStart Enabled/NotEnabled event - Fires when the CheckAutoStartPermission is used.

StartPeriodic - Start a periodic task with given time(it will do the given task on the time interval you give)

FireEvent - This Blocks Allows You To Fire Any Event In Background From Activity Without Rescheduling The Task


Blocks to show a new notification every 5 seconds

Blocks to show a notification when phone boots,It saves on button 1 Click

Blocks to play music in background

Blocks to send latitude to firebase every one minute

Demo Video


I have added an foreground service feature in this extension which is very useful!
It prevents app from killing in many cases,even task cleaner apps can’t clean it!
I shows a permananent notification(Which you want),You can set notification according to you
While using foreground service,it won’t be interrupted in any case,nor restart nor stop
It can be useful for music apps,downloading apps,app which need to do continuous task
Special thing about it is that it don’t need any permission to run…
It can run in any phone(event with custom rom phones)without any problem
Normal usage:

Here you just have to create a ForegroundService component and set everything in it and then just run function with name startforeground which will start that foreground service with that notification.

The notification system for ForegroundService is fully based on @jarlissonlira2 this extension and its open-source code :

Internal Features Of The extension

Run Java Code

You can also call java code from the extension

Firstly,create a component with name ExtraUtils

blocks (19)

Now You can Call a function with name RunCode,you can give any type of code in it(Long or short),It is useful for long logics,so that you can do it with single blocks rather than many blocks

blocks (20)

You may surely return something from the code at last,so there is a event to catch it with the name of RunCodeResult
blocks (21)

Event Variables(Outputs in any event)

Any event mostly have any output like Web component have responseContent output in it’s one event,so to use value of any event anywhere you can use it like this
eventvar:0(the number will be based on which variable you want,it start from 0(For the first variable))
blocks (22)
Like the RunCodeResult event will only have one output so if you write eventvar:0 anywhere in the block that text will be replaced by the output in registered function.

Thanks to all the beta testers



PayPal - 25 USD
PayTM - 1500 INR.

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That Great Extension…:partying_face: :star_struck:

i was really waiting for such extension

You are Doing a Great contribution to the Community.


Great extension, a well documented tutorial with some complex examples will be appreciated.


Nice work! Good Job :sunglasses:

Good Job :smirk_cat::cowboy_hat_face:

Great, Extension :heart_eyes::grin: Congratulations for the awesome work


Wow so nice extension

Nice work: extension :robot: omg

Can we test Test Apk?


He doesn’t provide apk of paid extensions publicaly

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Send him a PM he shares apk there.

Hi, using this extension can we show the notification count outside the app even if the notification is cleared from the status bar?

Yes it is possible dear

ohh then it’s a request to @Atom_Developer to create a guide or a list of function that can be done using this powerful extension! It’s a start to background services in kodular

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So many days later, the extension was published. I am very happy.
Congratulations :heart_eyes: :crazy_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

My topic:

There were 2 limitations in Kodular
1.Background tasks
2.Dynamic Components
Now there is almost no limit to Kodular

I may buy if price is low.
That’s just my opinion.
No Demands

Great Extension. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot for this big appreciation guys!


That’s not related to this extension

I don’t know why everyone want’s demo apk :thinking:
I don’t give demo apk for paid extensions :sneezing_face:
But wait,maybe i will share this extension demo apk as many people want to try it(In PM)(In Some days)