Backsound Music

You can use Sound Component for short sounds.
if you have a long music like that you can use exoplayer component.
If you want a text to be read as voice you can use text to speech component.

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Explain in more detail what this means (“backsound”) and what the goal is.

And read this:

He mean’d Background By Backsound

Then the same question: What does “background” mean?

He just wanted to play his music or sound in app’s Background or When app pause

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There is a huge difference between these two options.
So he should clear this up.

He can use when Screen1.Pause Init Sound1.Play

No, the Sound component can only play very short sound tracks (4-5 sec) and the ExoPlayer does not work in the background (idle, sleep mode).

As I said, we have to wait for an answer from @Sora what he intends.

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We are much experienced than @Sora and we need to improve us to get the question easily, either it is in poor words.

So i do the same i get his question and help him

@Sora it is not possible yet on Kodular Built-in Platform, You can use any extension for it, If it is available. Else their is no idea to get play sounf in background yet in Kodular.

Regards PapaNoob63

Like @bodymindpower said. We have to wait for clarification from the topic starter before we are able to give him an advise. So let’s wait.


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Ther is no meaning in repeating what is already been told :roll_eyes:


Just see if it works!

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Its Ok, It doesn’t matter at all

Sorry my english is bad
i mean background music

I have been trying to do this but when I leave the screen I put music on and try to go to the screen again the music goes off twice

With background music you mean that the music should be played when the screen is not visible (after pressing the device Home button) or when the device is in idle (sleep) mode (screen off). Correct?

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Show your blocks.