Backsound Music

With background music you mean that the music should be played when the screen is not visible (after pressing the device Home button) or when the device is in idle (sleep) mode (screen off). Correct?

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Show your blocks.

Use this:
Add Sound Item again to Next Screen
and blocks
Let me know if it worked!

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Thanks Its Working

What is working and how did you solve your question? That is the purpose of this community. To learn from each others questions.

i use soma block. But I want the music to always play when on the screen. do you know how?

Seriously, what would this be a solution for?

So answer this question:

Use ExoPlayer Item And add the blocks I gave
Let me know if it worked!

And again: What should work?

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It may play the music

@MosEngWeb Why should this be done in the Screen.BackPressed event?

Because Sora wants to play music when he exits Screen2

But that doesn’t exit the screen.

Ok try this:

This block reopens Screen1 and does not close Screen2. This will definitely lead to memory problems if this block is executed multiple times. You should try it yourself and please stop giving misleading advice here.

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