Bad arguement error, I pulled the lat lng value from firebase

I pulled the lat lng value from firebase.

Send image of your blocks.


Somebody help me

If i recall correctly, pulling values from any database is not int anymore but string and thereby maps components won’t work

Try by adding this (first create a procedure)



in the red circle , At num, what do i have to put

can you help me ? pls

Did you understand the @Boban solution ?

This is a function. It performs a task and returns a result.
This “pin” on the left side ( behind the word “Call”) of the purple block , means that this block returns a value.

A tip :+1:: read about programming, parameters, functions, procedures, properties, variables, types of variables, repetition loop, conditional deviation, logical operators (and, or not), lists, arrays, indexes, counters, accumulators, methods, events, database.:+1: