Bad argumants,date and time

I am making a messaging application, but when I enter the message page, a text like “bad arguments” appestrong textars, I guess it is due to the date and time.

May you please post your blocks here or the screen shot of your error. Without these details how can we find your issue’s solution?

No screenshot …
No error message…

Query is a question and solution also a question…

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@muhammed64emin64 , how could you mark my post as a solution. It really solved your problem?
I have unmarked the solution. Elaborate your question as I said above if you want help.

my man don’t philosophize on me help me

I don’t know which block is wrong

Post your block. People will help you.

See the error, in this block the first few variable are empty strong , it mean it doesn’t get anything. Is it possible to guess which block gives this error without seeing yours?