Bad argument [empty-text] [60]

i got an error bad argument [empty-text] [60] , the 60 refers to What here? cause i try hard to find error in Screen4 but nothing find

You need to show your respective blocks. You are passing empty string somewhere

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its huge blocks and very complicated , the question is what 60 refers to?

Screenshot of rhe error?

Their are lots of topic related to this kind of errors too in the community first check out these and if didn’t get solution then ask here wit error screenshot and related screen blocks so we could understand the issue

As @Deepanshu_Arya said


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I also said with related screen Blocks

SalatIraq.aia (7.1 MB)
due to huge blocks i just send aia file, the error happens in screen 4, in screen1 the user choose the city and the screen4 will show Prayer times to this city