Bad argument to create [dynamic]

Hello coders,
I have coming an error to make this app, This have is loading listview and data is coming from airtable but I Don’t know why this is showing me error

App Interference


I think you want to create space in horizontal ID but instead you used wrongly the spaceview id. Change at here, everything will be fine I think

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You mean at that i want to change it from space to horizontal

Yes, I mean the mean the same. Because before creating that I’d you want to use space in that id , How is it possible??

Yes, for intalizing space id in place of global space 1 , it should be global horizontal arrange id 1 and in place of seting width of space id use global space 1 and remove global horizontal arrange id 1

Ok now i am just going to try it thanks both

You have to change two things , just change them as shown in image

Thanks but how to Do that when any item is clicked then open another screen with start value[those information is mentioned in this screen]

Try something like this, when any card view click then

When open another screen with start value then you used Do result what it will do

This is just the proper way for switching screens. When you go to another screen you close previous because otherwise memory ploblems might occur

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