Bad arguments to component

I need help with the the following error The operation component cannot accept the arguments:,[False]
I checked my blocks and there doesn’t seem to be any problem. Any

help will be appreciated.

Hello, can you precise when does this error happen please ?

About 3-4 hrs ago… you’re facing it too?

No. When I said when it happened, I want to know what was your app doing currently or was trying to do and also, can you upload the error screenshot too.

It happens when the screen initialized.

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I don’t see what cause the problem, maybe someone more experienced can help.

Thanks for trying. Peter pavi2410 Diego can anyone help?

Did you really shows us all of your blocks

Yup why wouldn’t I? That’s all the blocks I have. Do you know what could be causing this error?

Just a hunch, side menu items all are checked, I think that it only works with one item checked at the time

It should be a file path to a image and not a color

I corrected to the above suggestions yet the problem persists. It just started happening today. Do you know if any changes were made on the server side of Kodular? It seems like the bug is from Kodular’s side.

We have not changed anything

I suggest you to disable every if then component and enable and check them one by one you might find it out