Bad arguments to contains The operation contains cannot accept the arguments:, [*nothing*]

I have used more than one dynamic components extension in the app. I have created a 3 click event but it is only doing one thing. There is an error. Please help

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Why won’t you use Do it to debug your blocks ? Was the image that you clicked created dynamically or not ?

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imeges are dynamically generated

I’ve used more than one dynamic component extension, which causes this problem

Why use more that one ? No need to…

I want to connect this with different data bases. , if a single extension had been used, we would not have been able to use more data base.

That is not true since you are creating different id’s for every component

Since there are four categories in this app, I have to connect the data base to four different cards. If I had used the same extension, the card would have been created using the same id, but I could not connect that single card to four different data bases. This option is used.

You are mistaken … Call data from one table create cardview id cv1_…, call data from second table create cardview in the form of cv2_… etc…

Tried to do that, but failed

Post a test aia here if you wish

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gadchiroli_darshan.aia (626.5 KB)

Try this , didn’t change all. Try to recreate second card3 according to my blocks

gadchiroli_darshan_1.aia (634.0 KB)

working :blush::+1:

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In my second project, there is a problem, I explained the problem in the community, but no one has given the same solution, if you do not have a problem, can I present it to you?

Open a new topic or if you have opened a topic already continue posting there

But I couldn’t find any satisfaction there, so I asked you on the same post, maybe that topic I had tagged you too.

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