Bad arguments Type 1 - Cardview extension

Hi guys, I’d like to know what is wrong in my code and what is the reason I’m getting the error “Bad Arguments”

I made with Bottom Navigation two buttons. One is like, point a to point b, and the other one is point b to point a, that’s why I repeated a lot of components twice.

Code blocks:

Airtable data:

Bad arguments error inside the app:


I just painted red some information that I would not like to show, because it’s about personal data… But all you need to know is that all the images, in the two tables, are the same.

Look at your error.
It tells that you have an empty string while it accepts list only.May be this is the problem.

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I did the changes you’ve suggested and the error got smaller than it was. Even though, I’m getting this error:


I don’t understand why

Why are you using for loop?
The data is already in list format.Just use them directly.
Your runtime error is related to select list item block.