Bad background quality. Quality issue

I am getting poor quality of the background image. I think this only happens in makeroid. I am getting much better quality in appybuilder. I am attaching screenshot of makeroid and appybuilder.

Any guide to improve the background image quality?

Based on what you’re saying, the developers can’t do anything by a screenshot as then quality is then improved by the device since it’s a screenshot and it’s taking it from inside the device, if you took a screenshot from outside of the phone, it’d be worse quality. In which your eyes are a camera and you’re seeing worse quality, don’t forget Makeroid wins #1 for setting a real API 27 here, and that could also be causing the issue however, it’s worth the drop of quality to improve your app other then an image, right? @Kodular

Please check this

the topic you linked was just a test.
We have not used it in production for relaunch of makeroid.

Can you please add a feature so that we can you use good quality background image? Makeroid have so many features to shift from appybuilder to makeroid, but I am not happy with the background image quality. Please do something.

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Yes, I Have Also The Same Problem

Hey can you tell me the size of your image …

You should check your image size and dimension

Sir what minimum size required for using screen background image

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You get any solution

Just change it to true!

Hello you have any idea to getting best quality background image for screen

Go to screen 1.
There is a property called “High quality”…
Enable or disable it.