Bad list argument to foreach

Please provide screenshots of your blocks.
Also, please look at this:

im receiving this error on start

Please show your relevant blocks.

login screen(no errors here)

main screen(error here)

The error is pointing to Screen2 > Tag List > For Each.

Why are you setting Value to Value?
Delete that step and try again.

Maybe upload or DM your Aia.

Move the add element below to the global variable

where is value to value?

Did you try suggestion by @Still-learning ?

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If not working post aia here so someone could help

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dont work

change file extension to aia instead zip(my phone download all as zip) (1.0 MB)

see latest reply

Can you able to see the reason for your error? ,That previous error is no more

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Sorry i don’t got it

Remove the number block from the screen init. Actually what does it mean??? See the first screenshot from the previous post, i removed the global variable and got working without problem

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this works

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after this change messages is not saved at firebase database

Just now i see that that block belongs too collintree, if so before adding elements you are trying to call the index, so that it happens… now adjust like this, you will see the number
Always try to setup blocks there by they get trigger one by one… or one after another to get trigger


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