Balance Share - Easily Share Balance in Pakistan

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Balance Share - Easily Share Balance in Pakistan

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This is an easy balance sharing app for all Pakistanis who want to share balance with others but don’t remember codes. You can check your remaining balance easily.
You can also request balance from your friends and family easily using this app.

Features of our Balance Share app:

  • :star: Easy and Clean UI
  • :star: Just 2 steps easy process
  • :star: No code remembering hassle
  • :star: Auto network detection
  • :star: Complete Network charges details
  • :star: Request balance from others
  • :star: Check remaining balance


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About screen:

If Unknown sim or No sim card detected

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Thanks to :kodular: Kodular for this great platform!
Thanks to :kodular: Kodular Community where I learn many new things!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, kindly let me know.


Hello , brother can you please tell me how to create this notifier pop up like yours? I tried with cards but black corner around card layout.

This is all manual arrangements and this extension which shows arrangements to dialog :

I hope you can get an idea from my layout settings:

Don’t mind my rough work…:wink:

thank you so much

You can do it with custom notifier.set custom notifier background light to true

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not working sir, still that black line shows


That’s sometime work.there was an another free extetion to create that need

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Thank you for helping me

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PM me when you’re free. I will help you.

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thank you sir

V nice nd big thumbs up…plz share block image or guided us how its work?..wa8ing yr response…Thanks in adv

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Thank you for liking :heart:.
You can just ask about any part or function of my app and I’ll tell you how I get it to work.


Function of app…plz share

What are you talking about? Please explain your question.

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:tada: V2 is released

Updated screenshots in the first post.

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