Best Practices using extensions

Hi all,

Just a question: What are the beste pratices in using extensions? I mean, is that ok if I use an extension made in Thunkable in my Makeroid’s apps? Or should I use only the extensions produced with Makeroid in order to avoid errors? What are your opinions?

You can use any extension that you want to use.
When its worked, use it :smile:

@Mika, thanks for your answer. I’m asking this because I’ve seen many posts regarding problems using extensions that were made in other platform and when used in Makeroid, it gives error.

That only happens with @pavi2410’s billing extension, which we blocked as we integrated natively it into a component, and we didn’t knew if it was going to be paid or not
We finally decided to keep it free so the component will appear on next version

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humm ok, thanks, @Diego for the explanation!!! I’m definitively moving from Thunkable to Makeroid!!


there only exist extensions, which work on App Inventor and all its distributions like Appybuilder, Thunkable or Makeroid, there do not exist special extensions, which only work on specific distributions

however there are the extensions from Helios aka @vishwasadiga, i.e. the Dialogs extension and the Extra Components Extension, which work separately, but not both together in a project… this because he unfortunately does not like to rebuild the extensions and follow the suggestions given already a few times…


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Hello @Taifun
I’ve noticed that you have suggested I compile the extensions separately, several times. Unfortunately, I am quite busy working on making Makeroid better.
When I get time, I will release one final version of the extension before deprecating it.



@vishwasadiga to rebuild the 2 extensions separately takes only 5 minutes altogether …

here are the steps to make it as easy for you as possible:

  1. copy the source code of the Dialogs extension into directory appinventor/components/src/com/vishwas (there should be no other extension source codes inside that directory)
  2. ant clean
  3. ant extensions
  4. open the generated extension com.vishwas.aix using 7zip, inside you will find the directory com.vishwas. Rename that directory to com.vishwas.Dialogs (this is the 3rd option mentioned here)
  5. optionally also rename the aix file com.vishwas.aix to com.vishwas.Dialogs.aix
  6. do step 1-5 also for the ExtraComponents extension
  7. publish the 2 extensions

btw. I already spent more time on reminding you to do it compared to the time you actually need do it…



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