[BETA] QuiBot AI - Chat GPT Powered Assistant

I don’t want to use it i download it just for checking bugs

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Hello all, I’m sorry i cannot work on updates for now since internet is banned in my state until further notice.

I appreciate all of you for finding bugs it’s been added to my to-do list. Thank you.

Internet Banned? What Which State?

Manipur. It’s all over the news isn’t it?

My bad, I don’t see news.

I’ve enabled multiline textbox. Please test it and see if it breaks any UI component.

Updated prompt length to 450.

Which one i should keep? Single or multi line?

Hello guys,
I’ve been receiving dms about the .aia so considering the current situation in my state, you can purchase aia for this app now. DM me for price and details.

Thank you.