[Beta Testing] Device Info - An extension to get all the information of your device

Device Info Extension

After seeing developers with the Extension Developer badge with their name, I also decided to launch my first extension Device Info for beta testing :sweat_smile: :grin:.

About the extension:

This extension will combine the extensions, NetInformation,StorageInfo,DeviceInfo,DisplayInfo,CameraInfo ,SensorInfo and other in-future. This extension will help to make an app like CPU-Z completely.


This extension helps you to get all the information about the Mobile Data Network of the device. As Taifun has already made an extension for the wifi, Wifi Manager, I made this extension to get only network information related to mobile data. These are some blocks:

Device Hardware Info:

This extension will help you to get the device hardware information. These are blocks:

System Info:

This extension will help you to get the system information. These are blocks for now. I am adding more blocks.

And this extension will contain many other extensions like:

Sensor Info-To get all the information related to the sensor
Camera Info- To get all the information of Camera
App Info- To get all the detailed information of each and every apps
Display Info- To get all the information of android display
CPU Info- To get all the information of the Android CPU

(Many extensions such as app info,display info is built already)

Download Link:

This extension is in development and before launching this extension, I wanted some beta testers that will help me to make this extension bug-free.

How can you help me?

If you wanted to be the Beta-Tester of these extensions, then you can PM me. You can help me by testing these extensions on as many devices as possible and you can report the bugs you are facing using this extension. As well as you can tell me to add functions in this extension.

I am waiting for your PM. Thanks!


Then, I have to change the name of my extension? @Salman_Dev @Still-learning


First of all this is Good work :+1: :+1:

I hope plenty of peoples created the same… Also, Will it work in Android version 10+? If so, then it will be worthy. I didn’t try it. Going to try…


But where is the download link for your extension… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Thats why i need beta testing to see and fix problems for all the devices.

ohhhh. It is hard to get IMEI of the devices from the latest mobiles… Instead we can get device id. It wont change

@Still-learning I will send the extension to beta testers. I dont wanted to make this extension public completely till it is bug free.

that is good move. Keep going @Amlin :+1: :+1:

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Thank you. @Still-learning

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Is its work in android 10 to get IMEI ?

You can actually get the imei number in android 10 using this extension.
It required permission of READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE

Read here:

I really do suggest we put an end to extensions like these. There are too many of them now, you can get device information so many ways from this community and I think there needs to be an end because it’s going to be difficult to choose which one you want. Not only that, but this looks a lot like one of my old extensions (Lite) and as @Salman_Dev pointed out, DeviceInfo as well.

I know that. but now I ask if your extension can do it or not?

I was actually going to make an app like CPU-Z, searched in the community, and has found out your extension too but I am not getting much information that I need to have in my apps that’s why I have made this extension for my application . I have added all the functions that were in the famous apps like i have said, CPU-Z.

But no problem, i will drop this project and stop sharing it. Thankyou @hammerhai for letting me know.

It can do that.

You can PM me for the extension.

Thanks @Amlin

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Download link not working

Please send me the other link

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Hello, i’m a brazilian developer and tester, i already worked as Quality Assurance, so, i think that i can help you to make this extension bug-free… how you will send to me the beta version ?? sorry my bad english, my language is Portuguese…

What do the following blocks mean?


So, is there any study about when the beta process will end?
We need plugins like “All In One”. Because of Kodular, policy of “The one who gives the money blows the whistle”, such things are more needed now.