[BETA] Webby from the side (made in India) Koded App

App name:

Webby From the Side


Webby from the side is a type of app that helps to use as a web browser. It uses Google.com as its default homepage.


App Store/Download link:

AIA file:

R button is for refreshing

I was able to login. See it yourself


Nice app @AppyGenerate
But add some more features like:
• Splash Screen
• Tab System
• Bookmark Page
• Desktop Mode
• Custom Default Page
• Add those icons at bottom
• After Clicking Go, I’m not getting any Indication that the Web Page is loading. Add a progress bar there.

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Nice and very smart work :+1::+1:

And may I know why do you used this very brief block?

You can simply add if text box empty you can call notifier to say error na, I didn’t get your point, that’s why asking .

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@AppyGenerate I can make your browser’s ui better and can add history feature

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Then you can make a video and share blocks and that’s how I am going to add history feature and make UI better! :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley: !

I used that block to add the domains and to make url work fine and to search
If you search instead of url, then it will show not found, that’s why I added it

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I will modify Aia and send in p.m

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OK Thanks!