Black Box - Beta Testing

(Nathan) #1

Starting today, I will be accepting Emails to be accepted for my browser beta testing on June 22, 2018. If you’d like to test it before anyone else as beta testing will be closed PM me your Email and I will add it to the CSV file and will be uploading to Google Developer Console for the future. It’s not that far away but, get ready… If you wanna see my Old browser which is why I am making a better one with Makeroid, well it’s already done I just need to compile. I’d rather build one with Makeroid other than me building it with AppyBuilder, it had a lack of features and great design!.. Want a Sneak Peek:

:makeroid: is always before :appybuilder:, :appinventor:, or :thunkable:

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(Nathan) #2

Anyone else, I have 6 spots left. :sweat_smile:

(Nathan) #3

So tomorrow’s Thursday which means Friday is release date for Makeroid and possibly me if everything goes well… Here’s all Sneakpeeks to show you so you can want to Signup for Beta some more or you’ll miss the experience, a great one!

(Nathan) #4

Check my latest post on this topic!

(Nathan) #6

Hey Beta testers, Black Box wasn’t ended, it was revived.

Hint: Look at the top right corner :wink:

(Federico Morrone) #7

Hey @MeteorCoder, are there some place left? 'cause I’d love to test it

(Nathan) #8

Sure. Send me your Email over Telegram and I’ll add it to my list of I think 4 or 5 people.

(Parhlad Suthar) #9

i want to test your browser

(Nathan) #10

I have something to confess :wink:


(Rémi Chartier) #11

What ? :sweat_smile:


(Nathan) #12

BlackBox is coming soon… By soon I mean like 2/3 weeks. It’s almost done, all I need to do is add settings.

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #13

Believe me, it ain’t a piece of cake. You just brought back a ton of memories from a long gone past. :joy:

(Nathan) #14

For me it is, you just dont have about 1 year of blockly experience :joy: JK

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #15

Lol what? I have more than that.

Anyway, I guess it depends how powerful your settings are.

(Nathan) #16

Well today’s my birthday, and I think I joined the Community the same did I did with the builder.

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #17

Happy birthday!

P.S. I came to know of Makeroid by chance while browsing the AI2 forum… I had been using AI2 before that (and afterwards too, for a few weeks)

(Nathan) #18

Stop making my topic off topic, I dont want it closed xD

Wait this is off topic lol, it wouldnt get closed :joy:

(Nathan) #19

It’s gonna have more power then any other browser made with AI as it will contain more Settings then the old preview showed before the Makeroid Andromeda update. Will be concluded with a new design in the front end and a new design in the back end. It’s close to done, just a lot of blocks left :joy:

My estimation of time: 2 weeks min, 20 weeks max :rofl:

Don’t count on that look, it’s not confirmed :wink:
P.S: Next time I post in this topic, it’ll be released.

(Nathan) #20

Alright people ignore this:

New name?


No it’s not Google Sans, it’s a different font that can be used from Makeroid…

________ is close, maybe that’s why I opened my Social Accounts? Open Source? Sneakpeeks, I KNOW IM DRIVING YOU CRAZY.

(Daniel) #21

I really thought that you revealed your private accounts and thought asking you that are you really sure?
Btw I guess, that font is maybe Poppins?