Black Box - Beta Testing

(Nathan) #22

Nope, I just cant say.

(Nathan) #23

Hey guys!

4 days later, something has been released… Many on the ßeta list have been waiting for this time.

What’s New:

New name - Studio
Complete redesign - It was fun redesigning as it has a Pixel 2 XL look now, it’s better than before and easier to access along with more space. During planning, I made my own copy of Material Guidelines to establish the Pixel 2 XL design…
New package name - Recently I’ve come across to have to change my Username on most communities and open source project platforms. Why? I got my email (primary) back a few weeks ago, I had a GitHub account associated with one of my emails but not with this one, in which one of them had attached “Nathan5226”. So I had to think of a good Username and fast. I figured out “MeteorCoder”. I was gonna switch Meteor with Atmosphere but unfortunately, it’d be weird because of the Atmosphere File Manager. So I went along with it. All of my apps further on will contain ml.meteorcoder.appname along with an extension coming on Sunday.
Faster - With removing around 10 extensions and a huge amount of code reducing it to not so much now, it runs faster than before, when I was testing it as Andromeda ruined it but, it’s back.
No settings - It’s sad to say I’ve removed the settings. This was a good choice on my side worrying about speed and size. You might find the APK size quite big but, don’t worry about that.
New font - Since 4 days ago, I decided to actually change my font to one NOT provided by Makeroid, in-built.


• When clicking the account_circle icon in the new title bar, you’ll receive a loading progress dialog which will be dismissed within one minute however, do nothing.
• When clicking the visiblitity_off icon in the new title bar, the WebView will have a delay when viewing.
If you’ve noticed any other things, let me know here.


Currently, the Makeroid Store seems to be having issues when I try uploading my banner image, I’ll update you when I’ve uploaded it successfully.

(Nathan) #24

Studio has been officially released!

(Masti TV) #25

This process can take 1 minute , actually what is happening over here?
How have you added porn** filter over here ?

Any details .

(Nathan) #26

I cant say anything on any settings as I’m still deciding design, however there will be settings with filters which will block the known sites that are mainly visited based on statistics.

(Yusuf Cihan) #27

Wait, what? :sweat_smile:

(Nathan) #28

Its be weird because, I knew you were changing the name… I cant say how just because, idk if I can.

(Nathan) #29

New update!

• Fixed Bugs causing something not to load
• Updated Icons to Outlined
• Removed Account
This release may take up more storage as a bigger asset was added!

New look:

(KrishuTech) #30

New Update looks cool :grin:

(Nathan) #31

I’ve been working on this new one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and something small is coming. It may be new or it may be a change :wink: Can you guess what’s coming next? Ohhhh I also forgot, just a hint in the update, there will be a BIG hint in the file section of .Studio/{VersionNumber}/DataMine/advanced.txt in the next update???


Quick Edit: It’ll actually be advanced.txt, you’ll have to find some way to find the encrypted data and expose it to everyone :joy: It’s a tiny scavenger hunt

(Nathan) #32

Good Afternoon Users! I am working on that new update, however I’ll need some help with Translations. You can translate these below in your language if you’d like! You’ll be credited in-app.

translations-0.8.426526395.txt (2.0 KB)

Just reply with the second side completed in your language.

(Nathan) #33

Unsupported for a few weeks

Studio is currently going through a redesign and a rewrite of the code base, this will take some time.

Why I am starting to redesign and rewrite

The New Design: Both apps Dynamic Owl & Studio don’t have the new color Palette I am using to update design. The new design will come packaged with an awesome amount of feature attached to it (Meaning: With this design update, all my apps will have the same Settings ONLY for their design and different Settings for the actual app, this will allow Theme changing.) This will also be 2019 Ready :white_check_mark:

The Rewrite of the code base: While I am rewriting Dynamic Owls code base as well, I must take Studio into consideration. I am rewriting some of Studios code… Not a complete tear down, which will include new features and algorithms.

(Nathan) #34


Checklist for 0.8.426526395

Add optional analytics - With 0.8.426526395, your IMEI will be stored in an ONLINE DATABASE encrypted during transmission. The screen you visit will also be tracked, along with your Setup progress, and possibly your settings depending on the screen you have visited and if you have debug mode on.
New design
Include design version in settings
Allow access to settings
Update icons
Add optional IP & Location tracking located in settings
Allow developer debugging debug
Add hidden developer mode
Upload to Google Play
Update on Kodular Store
Add plugin support - Developers can create plugins for Studio. Using a (ex: plugin.json and file)… These will be able to be downloaded from the In-App Plugin Store from ONLINE which will then be STORED on the USERS DEVICE! I’ll be listing templates later of what you could do to make a Plugin… So wait! Also note that your plugin will break every time Studio is updated, do keep a look out for this topic when I say what the next version is, you’ll change your extension filename from to, your plugin.json file will be updated automatically. If you’re plugin has unsupported STUDIO COMMANDS then it will break the app. This is your time to act like a real extension developer :sunglasses: except with Plugins. Don’t worry, I’ll have a way for you to remove the plugin if it breaks Studio, as it will recognize if something happened with a plugin on run.
Add archives
Update algorithm of Filters… Pornographic & Malware Sites will still be included with a new updated system, can’t say which system.
Remove Add Account option
Update checkboxes with switches
New Setup partition
If Studio is interrupted while updating and readying Setup partition, completed data will not be saved until 100%.

Estimated release date: December 31, 2018 or later @ 12:00:00 AM - After this update is released, updates will only be released Tuesdays or Thursdays.