Black Box - Beta Testing

(MeteorCoder) #42

OK, I’ll take a look, can I have your Android Version? It’s possibly a method I’m serving from my extension is outdated because I just recently added where it looks for the SDK. Can I ask what Studio version you also have?



Version 5.0 Lollipop.

Your latest build :point_down:


(MeteorCoder) #44

It seems to be an issue with Lollipop Users, do you have a log?



No I don’t have. But will try to create it soon if possible


(Harsh Pratap Singh) #46

give apk link, previous link not work


(FábioESantos) #47

(MeteorCoder) #48

I know because technology doesn’t work.

I know, I saw it the other day however I won’t be doing this as there’s a new version coming with many improvements within the next few weeks, I’m sure people have patients… right?


(MeteorCoder) #49

Hey guys! I’ve decided to discontinue future versions of Studio and stop here. Due to an issue with it crashing Android 5 which I can’t seem to locate, it mysteriously fixes itself. What I’ve done was restarted all code, so far over 1,200 have been added within one week.

I have no idea if anyone remembers that said I’d include theme settings for every app in the future after that reply. So every app now will contain the same settings to change the theme but, different settings for the actual functionality of the application.

The future bug-free (hopefully) version of the new %app_name% will include these settings along with another app which I’ll be releasing the same day, along with docs to Lite, the new browser, and the other new app, along with a regular new site to my regular one. To bundle everything up, I’ll also be releasing a new Lite upgrade for those who asked for features which were not added in round one. Have a great rest of your day!

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