Black screen on switching screen. How to fix this?


So I have two scree, one screen is for splash, as the kodular built is splash is not responsive. the images stretches, depending on the mobile scree.

Now when I switch from one screen to another, The entire screen turns black for few seconds before loading.

On reading other threads relating to this, I optimised all my images, to 100px * 100px, and the total image file size is not more than 900kb. Still i am getting the error. How to fix it? Tried several ways.

Kindly help.

If you share aia it will be easy to find Ur prob

Hey, I forgot to add one thing.
I am getting black screen when I am using timer to switch form one screen to another,

else when I switch directly on screen 1 initialise then no black screen as such. only white screen.

The problem is, screen takes some time to load, so I want to show a logo or image.
I want to use kodular built in splash feature, but it is not responsive with different mobile screen sizes, is there any fix around this?

Just want to use something to show while the main screen loads.

Well, maybe you don’t want to listen this, but don’t use multiple screens. You should switch screens using Vertical Arrangement in one screen. It is way more fast and perfectly.

Hi thanks for you response. I will try this.

I dont mind using one screen. In fact I want to use only one screen. But the problem is my main screen has lots of components and images. Thought total apk size is not more than 7.5 mb.
It takes few seconds to load a screen. any suggestion on how to fix this?

does any of you have experience using kodular built in splash?

Hi @sanatmalani,
If you want to avoid this black screen, then I’ve two solutions for it:

  1. Try to reduce the number of components in the screen.
    One way is to transfer some components to second screen and redirect the user to second screen when the components have to be accessed.

  2. In the Screen.Initialize block, use the UI-related blocks first, and then put a timer of around 1-2 seconds. When the timer will fire, then use other blocks.

The 2nd solution may not work for all apps.
Try to go with the 1st solution. That should work.


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