Blink image once click

good day… want to ask to the experts on how to make blinking image using clock or timer, i haven’t started it yet but the idea is just like blinking, i found similar question but i cant understand the process he made… thank in advance

You answered your own question. Use clock and set the image to image1.png and after 0.1 second set to image2.png and then again and again. Image1 is the image with white background and image2 with other background color (or whatever effect you decide to create).

Or do you want the image to blink just 1 time when it is clicked?


tried attach block but no luck…

It seems you have not tried the extension…

Also, in the above blocks, you have set invalid interval and unethical logic pattern.

try to download later the extension you advice…

cant find in yt how to use clock in kodular, im totally new with kodular sorry for asking…

Will image blink indefinitely once image is clicked ?

just a fix image no response on block i use, im trying to google some fix maybe i am
inadequate of blocks need to use…

Try this way, when image clicked will start blinking


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thank you moderator dora_paz it works, maybe some modification just need 4x blinking as im working with park locator with arduino module

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0.5 second = 500, not 0.5
The timer is counted in ms which are a second / 1000

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can i ask again?
when i build my app and installed to my android phone the app app detects as virus trojan can i know what is the reason why its keeps detecting as virus?

False alarm :slight_smile:

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