Blinking screen after open

When the main page opens after the splash screen then it blinks several times. The main page contains side menu layout, custom exit notification & view pagers. The link of the apps are given below:

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Please read this first:

Add all the info you can to understand better your problem. Like video, screenshot, relevant block, etc.

What u want to ask

Oh that’s not blinking, that’s your screen opening over and over again.

How to solve it?

None of us can help you because you havent given us blocks, whats contained under the screen initialize block?

The page contains side menu layout, view pager and custom exit screen dialogue.

Maybe someone else can help, but I need to sleep. I will review this topic again if no one has helped you.

I think u have not set the clock timer to false in splash screen so it is opening the screen again and again

provide ur screen1 blocks

Like this

blocks (43)

on clocke timer block i have set the clock timer to false

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on clock timer block set clock timer to false

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Thanks for your solution

@About_BD Its working fine now??

If you go to other screen and closed screen1 don’t need to stop the clock. The clock autostop.
The problem is you go to Main screen and don’t close screen1. I suggest closed screen1 when ou to to screen main.
In this way you reduce the use of ram memory

How can i close a screen and open another screen at one time

On Clock1 timer do
Open another screen screenName main
Close screen