Block deletation

during last few days i faced big problem .When I delete all block from a screen,I do not get that option Would you save empty screen?as a result when i refresh that screen all block shows automatically even disabled block turned in to enable

Try saving it before refresh

after save also automatically restored all block

Can you screen record

Broken project…


Btw, you never mention this

maybe a glich while recording

Read till the last , starting from “_Screen1”

NO, not a glitch


And your point is???

any changes to the block(s) in the blocks editor will NOT be saved

How can solve this problem?

so if he deletes all / only 1 block the request to ave the deletion DOES NOT go to :kodular:odular’s servers , even on a force save

try tomorrow
most of the time the prob is due to net issue so try now

The expert has spoken.

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i am facing somany problem from last few days.if i save all block in backpack,then when i paste those block from backpack for another app,there is no all block in backpack

By editing bky files and in some cases even scm files…

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i don’t think so that i have a EXPERT badge on my user profile , do I ??

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