Block editor malfunction

The Block Editor is malfunctioning.
By pressing the right mouse button, functions are activated directly. By accident I arrange my 1342 blocks horizontally, complicating my work tremendously.
It does not allow to undo what has been done.
Trying to correct, right clicking cleared all my blocks.
It is a tremendous risk if you don’t have backups.
PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE, because with a single click, months of work can go to waste.

Dont mistake me, Is your mouse working properly? Is it clicking correctly?

YES, it’s not my computer, it’s not the computer. it is the EDITOR PROGRAM that fails, I checked it on two different PCs. The Backpack is not working either, when I click to view its content, the system hangs.

The problem with the backpack is that it had loaded all the blocks, that’s why it was very heavy. I released her and everything was fine.
Right mouse button problem persists, clicking triggers any option by itself. That’s why he sent all the blocks to the backpack