Block for detecting if app rejoined!

I want to know is there anyway or anyone who can make a block that detects if you have rejoined the app… and here is why I need it, I want it so that when a user clicks my ads if he doesnt wait for lets say 30 seconds he won’t get points…

work with time, each action stops the timer or start how do you like to programm.

IF suppose ad is clicked and browser is opened timer of 30 Second is started but if user presses back in 10 seconds I don’t want to give points how do I do that?

Look Like you are making earning app; apps that are made for the core intension of earning from ads are prohibited on google play according to their new policy. So stop making such app or you will get app suspension even admob suspension in some case. Read through the google policy guidelines before making any app; For more information visit this link: Made for Ads | Spam | Spam and Minimum Functionality - Developer Policy Center


Earning apps are also not allowed by Makeroid.

Kindly link me to where in the ToS it says that.

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If earning app is made with proper manner And According to Google play policy then its not wrong I think and as @Kanishka_Developer said

then i am with favor
if there will be limitation in making such a app then i think its wrong
Is it right @Kanishka_Developer

No. What I mean, is that I’ll be overjoyed if the Makeroid ToS blocks creation of earning apps.

Oh sorry I think that you are demanding TOS from him
Mine misunderstood

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