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Good morning, I have a question to see if someone can help me, I am using the web block to extract data from an excel, I am using this block exactly to extract it from the url.

But the question is the following, I don’t know how to get data from the same excel but from sheet two or three. Could someone guide me if it can be done from the web blocks? Because I don’t want to change and use another block. But hey, if you confirm that it can’t be done, I’ll have to change it. From already thank you very much

Create a procedure for calling web in which sheet name or sheet gid number out in common place then use which sheet you wanna call.

Eg 1

In the procedure add the above url. KEY and ID drag a variable using mutator

By this way you can call any gsheet or any page of gsheet


This also you can use. Here is was entered into procedure and the GID was out it in common place . You can use either GID or sheet=Sheet name

I hope you got it

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