Bookmark feature for Quiz App

Hi koders,
I want to add bookmark feature for my quiz app. Where users bookmark certain questions for doing it again.
I am currently using airtable to store questions. I want to store bookmarked questions and answers in tiny db and execute as a quiz. Please help me to do this.

Use any button to bookmark… if it is clicked, use the block add items to the list… try it .

I was trying this but dont know how to store airtable data(que,ans and options) into tiny db and call it when bookmarks click.

If you share your blocks of how you are getting the question and answers from airtable then it will be easy to give our suggestions

blocks (2) blocks (3) blocks (4)

Create one variable called bookmarked questions

If user clicks bookmark, use the block
Add items to the list(bookmarked questions)
Item(current question number, for this use any component which will gives the current/selected component)

When retrieve button clicked, I hope, you know how to get it …

In my app(q’s stored in gsheet), i used like this,


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Thank you for your response

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Is your problem solved?

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Yes.finally got a solution after a lot of search in the community.I will share the blocks.

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More blocks you used. I think you can minimise it. Also there is no condition if user clicks same question twise.

After your query I worked with ghseet q&s and I stored only question number and user clicks second time on the same question it will pop up, this question is already book marked. When I move to pc I will try to give minimised blocks to you


Thank you for your response. Problem is solved.

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That’s fine… Keep making app :+1::+1::+1:

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