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hello members Help me i want to add “settings” and “home” icons on my bottom navigation, where can i get them and what is the size of such icons

This is an option

I use 96x96.

thanks so much, how do i add them is it an extension, Thank you

If the extension accepts html, you can use de html code. If not, you’ll need to download the icons in PNG format.

Which extension do you use ?

i dont use any extention, i thought that that was an extention

i have tried to download the icon but when i click on one it gives me an error

On the top of the homepage you’ll find the download link for the whole pallette.

Edit: I’ve just checked it’s a big size for the whole pallette.

that is the error i get when i tap on the downlod the icon

Try this one.

Thank you so much this helped me, may God add you a lot of knowledge

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