[Bought] Alternative Extension of MySQL_DataBase DeepHost

Hi Guys.
I really need a extension for connect with my DB.
Simply and easy, basic properties.

You could always use web component


I can make this extension for MySql, if you want write me

Thx to All…
The MySQL extensión was fixed!
Now work in fénix kodular.

is my sql deephost extension fixed ?

Do you mean an update has been released for it? Or is it automatically fixed?

Yet not working…

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@Reni_Christian What is the problem with MYSQL Deephost extension?

App automatically crashes on screen initialisation, After importing Deephost’s MySQL extension in the project.
( Only after you install the app into the phone. It didn’t crashes on Companion. )

@Reni_Christian Any Logs?

Currently I don’t have any logs with me. But i can capture ADB log if you want. OR
You can also reproduce this crash just by creating new project and just important MySql extension by Deephost > Download & Install the app in your phone > Try to Open app.


i have tested that same extension on other app builder where it is working normally. The problem is only with kodular’s latest Fenix update

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Please don’t advise people to use Deephost extensions as that’s not allowed on the forum.

can you explain it?

Since the developer rarely provides support for his extensions we advice users not to use them but it is up to you. Note that questions regarding his extensions arent’t allowed in the community. If any problem or error occurs in your app related to his extension you should contact the developer