Browser screen problem and downloads not working help me

My browser app is loding in half screen and downloads not working

I tried hard to fix them but I can’t please help

I attached the screenshot of the screen

Please help in getting full screen and make downloads work :pray::pray:

      Thank you

XBrowsers_21.aia (1.2 MB)

This the aia file please help me

XBrowsers_2_2.aia (1.2 MB) Screen works fine. As for download …

Please do anything you want to do like edit and change everything but make downloads work

I know iam using your time but I can’t do that so please kindly help me :pray:

Dora please help me

WebViewer won’t download files by itself, you’ll have to configure it yourself which I think you haven’t.

So what to do can you help me

Try searching in the community.
Spend some time here and you will get start to understand things.

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