Bug: Blocks Disappear

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

On opening project some blocks mysteriously disapper and when I collapse and expand blocks they again show up.
I’m attaching a video, what is actually happening-

Steps to reproduce the issue

They happen automatically, but I guess collapsing a block and reopening a project might work.

Expected Behaviour

Blocks should be available on collapsing and should work in build. Even they work on ‘Do It Result’

Actual Behaviour

On collapsing and expanding the blocks show up in the editor but code won’t work in comapnion and actual build.

Show your Blocks

Android version

Android 6 & Android 9

May I ask which browser you are using?

I’m using Chrome browser, this is really serious bug. Coz I’m stuck on a single block from 1 week.

This time epoch procedure was called from Web get data component and had the same issues. So today I rewrote whole web block. And the issue moved to time epoch block.

By looking at your video, it reminded me of the shape of that block from this thread

Sorry, for the moment I don’t have any explanation why this is happening, @Kodular any thought of this


So do I need to work only with expanded blocks? Cause the whole project is too much lengthy!