Bug compatibility

Wait until any Kodular Developer helps or make new screen.
You can copy blocks but in case of designer you have to make it yourself once again.

Friend, thank you very much for your commitment, thank you very much for trying to help me. I’m new to this and I’m learning a lot here. How do I copy the blocks between two projects? I did not get it. I can only put the blocks in the backpack of the same project. I can not get the backpack blocks from another project, if I can, then I would do the design again. How do I copy blocks into different projects?

Add all blocks to backpack by clicking on Copy all blocks to backpack
And on other project click on Paste all blocks from backpack

Can you paste your ais here. I think the problem is

As I said before.

Suplementos_FazerBem2_inicio.ais (119.2 KB)

are several screens this and one of them when I try to import for a project that works perfect. Then after exporting it does not perfectly open the project, which was good before.

Nope the problem is not what I was suspecting.

can I send you a simple AIA with the error, with few screens?

paste it here. So that everybody can have a look (If you dont have any problem)

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bug.aia (12.1 KB)

I created a new project and the Screen1 screen is blank. So I imported one of the problem AIS. It was enough to make the mistake. Load it and tell me whether it is also the error or not.

Maybe @Kodular staff can help in this case.

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Did you also give the error there?

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I will create other topics of doubt of other subjects, I can count on your help and also from @ vknow360?

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Try this one bugscreens.aia (12.0 KB)



I did as you said I put all the blocks in the backpack. With this project open, I opened another project and could not do the download of the blocks. I can only do this in the same project between the screens.

Strange…I can transfer blocks between projects.
Did you tried aia @Boban has given?

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This screen is also mine, but the screen I sent was another one. In fact when it is exported in AIS format, and I try to reopen the screen already and the one that you sent there. I will export the screen again that would be this below. If it shows up again then I do not know what else to do. the form will then start from scratch again and lose all my blocks made. Because I can not get my backpack between two different projects.Inicio.ais (134.4 KB)

in fact it has now worked here. I had to leave the project that would get the blocks and enter again, so the backpack was full. Thanks.

Sorry, I have no knowledge of import and export of screens, however, I know that there are a number of threads where it is mentioned that the exported screen is not the one you wanted when imported

This seems to be in your case as well since I just returned the file you gave us

Btw, both of these files contain all your screens and not just one, maybe that’s the issue


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