Bug Found in the backpack

Hi. I am developing an APP with 3 screens. In the screen1 I added some blocks to the backback. I can see and use the blocks in the second screen, but not in the third screen.

I’m not confirming this issue as I’ve created an example project that has 3 screens and added a block to the backpack from Screen1 and I was able to access the backpack from all 3 screens.

Please create another project and check if the problem continues.

Thank you for answering. The problem was in my web browser. By using another one the problem was solved. TKS.

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Happy that you’ve solved your problem.

i have tried 4 browser and i cant open backpack in any of the browser (chrome, firefox, opera, edge).
none of then are working…

now what should i do…?? any suggestions…

Try Clearing cache files of your browser and try again

Maybe it work because for me its working in chrome Browser.


also did that… and still not working… now only thing i can do is wait for the Butterfly version and hope that everything will work.