Bug in Exit Notifier when have more than one notifier

I am facing a issue in my app which i build on kodular,
My app consist of a Splash screen>Quiz selection screen> Respective quiz screen with start button.

i have one notifier in Selection screen which is used from exit app confirmation ( yes/cancel)
second notifiers are present in each quiz playing screen which pops up during question are loaded from airtable.

Case 1: app open, i got to selection screen then to quiz playing screen and dont start the quiz, press back and return to selection screen and again press back, Now the notifier pops up and ask for quit confirmation.

Case 2: app open, i got to selection screen then to quiz playing screen and start the quiz, second notifier opens, quiz question are displayed, now i press back and return to selection screen and again press back, Now the notifier don’t pops up and i cant quit app from selection screen.

Problem is in case 2 where notifier does not fires up in selection screen after using any notifier that pops up in start quiz screen.

I would suggest dragging a second notifier for now. Use Notifier2 for your Quiz elements, and Notifier1 for your System/Startup elements.

If that works, then the issue is probably around the logic about what is being selected, and the making sure you have the proper post notification selection method selected.

i.e. Custom Dialogue etc.

Thanks for the response…
I am using Notifier 1 on screen quiz selection
and notifier 2 on start quiz screen

but notifier 1 don’t executes when coming back to quiz selection screen after completing quiz.

Don’t no what iam doing wrong?.

You are switching screens?

Are you closing and opening screens properly?

A notifier block on Screen1 will not show up on Screen2 unless called from Screen2. Screens are like mini blank environments and do not work together automatically

Avoid extra screens if you can (and you can in most cases)

only selection screen remain open…
iam traveling from selection screen (contains notifier 1 i.e: exit confirmation) to start quiz screen (which contains notifier 2 i.e: question loading notifier)…after completing quiz, start quiz screen is closed and i return back to previously opened selection screen now pressing back button on selection screen. Now at this time exit confirm notifier should come …but it does’t.

Do you have a function for what to do when the backbutton is pressed.

Unless I see blocks I am blind

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ABT.aia (3.0 MB)
have look to this file…modify it for optimization if you can

Which method do you use från this two from the link App Inventor Tutorials | Pura Vida Apps


You have duplicate screens. I dont know what your issue is.

Are you sayinng this block is not working.

@cian Which method of switching screens is he using, tribblehunter method or manager method


No methods. No cleanup.

i don’t know these methods

block is not working in one case when second notifier is executed

Switch screens per above note, and if there is an issue show the blocks.

ok will clean up the code.

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Of course it won’t work, you use neither of these methods

You constantly open new screens and if you had followed the link as I provided above you would have found something like this

Note: if you only use the open another screen and never the close screen block, you will run out of memory after a while. Also reopening an already opened screen is a bad idea. For example if you open Screen1 twice, you also have to close your app twice!

Finally, to get the Notifier to work you need to use the tribblehunter method


There is an error or a bug, I don’t know what it is but if you use splash wallpaper and use this method (close this screen first to change to another screen) whenever you come back to the first screen from where you changed to another you will see splash wallpaper in between the changing of the screen.