Bug in Format Date? Number of Week

Hey guys,
I access my own server to get the time in milliseconds. From this I use “Format Date” with the pattern “w” to calculate the number of the week of the year. However, users see not only week 43, which would be correct, but week 44.




works for me
you might want to compare the millis from the server and the millis from the clock component
also are you aware you can rename tle labels?
a name like Label1_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy_copy does not really make sense


I found the “Bug”. The other User lives in Canada and uses other calculations for Week Numbers.
To prevent this, I get the Week Numbers from a php script of my Webserver like the millisec.

Maybe the Clock component need a switcher for the Week start settings but it’s not needed for me.