Bug in web component

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

After egale update i created a app (21Aug) with web component and app worked fine. But when i export it again on 22 Aug (same block), its not worked. After that i create new project with web component for checking purpose but same problem. May be the problem in web.get block.

After set web.url, call with web.get, but web.gotText not trigged


Checking in android nought (v7)

What does not work?

After set web url when i call web get, its not got any response or contents

What responsecode is returned. You only check for 200.

But what about else part ? Also its not work which is define in else part. I mean not show toast.

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Don’t you understand what he said?:point_up_2: Just show him the response code…Okay

200 code is for internet detection so if your internet is connected, it’s not going to show the toast.(According to your blocks)

Can you please provide your aia or small aia so that we can check it for you…

Then according to you it must be worked as if section.