Bug with notifier

Hello everyone! When you add a text input of a Notifier, the title of it doesn’t show. It the same bug that you solved on 2018. I don’t know why is again :sweat_smile:
I hope you can solve it!
Javier :kodular: :heart:

Can you share your blocks? As this was happening with me but that was because misunderstanding of the block inputs.BTW, do you add an icon for the notifier.if not you must add false instead of leaving empty strings.When i was doing that it was removing the notifier title.It must be false when you don’t have an icon

If I put false block, I get an error

Can you show this error?

Ok. Now I dont get any error :joy:
But it also don’t show the title


It’s something related to the Title Color.
In my case, I’ve changed the hex code a little bit, instead of #FFFFFFFF, I’ve used #FFFFFFEE and it’s working.


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