Bugs fixed after 5 months of trying

I’m just reporting my experience these past few months trying to resolve countless errors reported on google play.
It can be seen perfectly in the graph when I started using interstitial ads and the Custom webview extension. Replacing the Webview extension with the native kodular one and also removing the interstitial ads and leaving only the admob banners, 99% of the errors disappeared.

It would be very interesting if you share the logs of error with the developer of custom webview extension.

I hope I never have to come back to use the native webviewer because the extension has too many interesting features. It is no doubt on my top 3 best extensions ever. And with your help it may become even better. No one can solve a problem without knowing that it exists. It is important to report the errors to the people with capacity to fix them.

And about admob, normally banners ads answer for less than 5% of the revenue (at least in my case). I almost don’t use them exactly because of it. Taking it in account, I think it is better for you if you try to find a way to avoid these errors without having a huge decrease on your revenue.

Yes, thanks for the tip. I really like the Custom web view extension too. Just complete this debugging job now. I have 3k users and it takes a lot for everyone to update the version and then find out what was causing the errors. The ads for me are just to annoy users and force them to buy the app, so no problem. Admob causes a lot of errors and I’m already switching to ads paid by sponsors. Thanks

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