(Bugs) Image loading delayed in kodular new release

Mika, @kodular team, I don’t know what you have or have not done to the image component. What I do know is that we are ALL having this issue and we need it fixed asap please.

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only solution that i worked with is using buttons insted of images :wink: its fast loading …

but this is making the user experience worse, as there are images loading late users are always left with labels and colored components no graphics there. kindly help us solving it. I raised this topic earlier also.

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This issue is not really new and I have been facing it since Eagle was launched

I just didn’t bother to bring up the issue as it is not a application breaking bug


We are requesting to your team to check the problem which we are face in our application and resolve it. Please

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everybody please calm down and let the kodular team to fix it.
i believe kodular team and @Mika :heart_eyes:


Yes, this happens to me too! The image just, doesn’t load sometimes. I need to restart the app

I have the same problem, since 2 days ago, the images take a long time to load.

Screen1 doesn’t have that problem, I haven’t modified anything on that screen when compiling the new version.

Tested on real Mi8 device with Android 10

It’s not an app breaking bug but it does make for a horrible user experience, and thats real bad.


Dear @Mika ,

When I test the app, I got some that help to find the problem in a slow-loading image from the asset. I have recorded a video for you to show this.

I had seen that when I turn off the internet the image show frequently when I run the app and When my internet is on the image is loading slow. (it is helpful for not but, I thought it will help the kodular team to solve the bug.)


This bug is not new, I was also facing this bug in previous version of kodular.


Try converting the image to data:image URL: http://pngtourl.atwebpages.com/
Then, use the webviewer to show the image and uncheck the scroll bar, zoom etc.

Why web Viewer to show image, try using a button and set button image that u want to show.

Still not loading properly…

Hello to all,
same problems after last update of Eagle Version 1.4C.0, all images delayed more or less more than 20 - 30 seconds or more, not soo much good for user app.

thanks for quickly update


There’s an experimental fix in the current beta server
So far, it is loading instantly (although it does not apply to Dynamic Image)


true story (at the moment). :+1:

Thankyou @Kodular or the quick fix :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot

Hi @Diego, thanks! When will this fix be available? I recompiled my APK but my images are still having the same problem.