Build failed, server busy!

please help, i tried to build my apps since days ago, till now i cannot build

Me too and so many errors even though I didn’t before

i have also the same problem

Please search community before posting.

See here online status for everything:

same here to its not fun just wating for something as big as this to be fixed

i have also some issue when export to apk then showing the error message "THE BUILD SEERVER IS CURRENTLY BUSY .PLEASE TRY AGAIN AFTER FEW MINUTE " today full i am trying this how to slove this

Dear friends the issue is build system is offline now wait for the response recovery & re build from kodular The issue will fix has been soon :+1::sparkling_heart:

This is getting annoying. Any alternative or we just have to wait?

You have to wait…

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Its been 22 hours but not fixed yet!
Kodular guys should be more responsive.

Perhaps you can sponsor them to be more responsive.

the build server is busy try in a few minutes… so it takes more than 2 hours just want to ask if this will be solved today thanks

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Build server is online now!