BulkSmsSender - Send Bulk SMS From Your App [Extension] [PAID]

BulkSmsSender - Send Bulk SMS From Your App [Extension] [PAID] Only For India

Hello Guys, I have built one more extensions for you. This extension help you to send bulk sms from your app to your users. Very simple and easy to do. You need API to send SMS. Get API free from here

  • Let’s See Total Blocks
    This extension have 2 functions and 3 events and property.

  • Changes of Designer Section
    Here you have to set your API key. You can change Language and Sender ID if you subscribe on that site. Never chage Sender ID until you not buy any Sender ID.

  • You can set or change them from block section too.

  • This properties are return their values.

  • SendBulkSMS
    Using this block you can send Bulk SMS to any Indian number. Just set number without “+” and message text length limit is 160 characters.

  • SentSuccessful
    It rises when SMS successfully sent to given number. You can sent many number Asnyc and verify it using IF Else block.

  • SentFailed
    It rises when extension failed to sent sms. You can verify it using IF Else block.

  • GetBalance
    Using this block you can check your balance.

  • GotBalance
    It rises when got balance. If API is wrong it’ll show error message.

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Extension Price - USD $3.25
To get my social contact information, click on my name or profile avatar. @JEWEL

  • Premium user contact me to get premium features.
  • You can suggest me to add some features.
  • If you need any help for using this extenson, just knock me.

If you need the source code, you can contact with me. @JEWEL

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Awesome extension @JEWEL

Nice extension i like

Nice Extension

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