Buton margins with the new sdk

With the new SDK updates butons now have margins.I have created issue for thunkable for this.Same problem here.Buttons cant fill parents.

Here my Thunkable error link

Here my makeroid test buttons not fill.Can you add button margin option or option for enable disable it.Its broke my ui desing.

This have absolute nothing to do with the sdk update.
And by the way we use sdk 27 since january this year.

And yes maybe we can add such a option.
But I can not say if we can do that before next component release in few days.

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I m waiting for it mika :+1:

I use thunkable and them updated sdk for new google play policy.With the new update butons now have margins.So ı think its sdk based.NWM ı hope makeroid add this

I can tell you this has nothing to do with the sdk update.
I know that for sure :smiley:

When I find time I will try to add such a option you want.
Do you want just a enable/disable option or to set a own margin value ?

Both :grin:

I just need enable/disable for now.But own margin value usefull for all.We can set margin value to 0 so its do same think enable/disable :wink:

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