Button not disappearing

Describe your issue

For some reason, if I program a button to be non-visible after clicking it, it stills being visible and still working, but other components act like if the button wasn’t there (some of them stay behind) this “ghost” button.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Place a button, then click it and then make it non-visible.

Expected Behaviour

The button should disappear, stop occupying screen space and being not-clickable.

Actual Behaviour

The button doesn’t disappear, is clickable but stop occupying screen space (except if I specify its Enabled property to False. In that case, the button isn’t clickable).

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it happens just if image attached to button, in that case button.visible=false is not working.
if button has no image then it works fine.
dont forget to add image to the button before testing it

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When I have time I will look into it.


I’m not sure why this happens.
I tried some things with the code but the bug was still there.

For now place the button into a layout and make the layout visible/invisible.


this is the same thing with me

This topic is two years old. @ZghostTMS Please start a new topic for your problem, with all relevant details. Try refering this to help you with your queries.

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Only drag a “Horizontal Arrangement” beside the botton and drag the button inside. I am using this solution in https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_InventosMontolio.Tareas_pendientes
Don´t touch the properties.

Hi @carlos5 this topic is more then two years old och thank you for your participation however, your solution is already mentioned in the thread…

Nevertheless the real cause for this is Show Feedback of a Button.

With my solution is posible work with the propierties of the button, more easy for to program.
I don´t use " Show Feedback" but I had this problem.