Button once in day

Well I want to make an apps
Where user can click a button once in a day
For example if user click on 23:00 so after 1 hr he will be able to click
I read forum and watch video but they +24 hr after the click
I don’t want to start action and events after clicking the button
I want it click once a days

Check the day click.
Check the last day that user clicked

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Can you please send me block
I understand but I am new I don’t now how to create

You can store the time of the latest click against user id on online storages like :google: spreadsheet or :airtable:Airtable and then can calculate the time difference between the latest click and current time.

That’s what I said. But, he needs to try … We can’t solve software development problems like that, instantly. But …

i want to make the app work even offline

I found this extension DateTools : Some tools to work with date and time
I hope it works
although I don’t know how to use but I try :joy:

Use countdown extension

In countdown user have to wait next 24 hr
I guess ?

  1. Read This (Read all the blocks to understand instead of just copy-pasting it)
  1. And then read this or watch a tutorial on TinyDB on YouTube:


After this you will definitely be able to so what you want all by yourself. :+1:

What ever you do, if user reinstall or clear data All will reset. If you use firebase you can avoid it

Also user might alter his/her device date to abuse the system so online database is recommended.

thank you Very much,
but I face a new challenge right now my companion not working it stuck at 20%

if offline version is work properly than in next update i try to add some condition like
if device online so automatically save the records Something like that

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