Button value add when click on next button and show its value with addition on its label

i have 5 buttons and another 3 buttons are clickable images with label 1st for value 2,5,10,100,500 like coins and second for qty of image so i want to add 1st button value like first click on coin for select coin and then click on image button for add its value with per click addition condition. and show that value on label
eg if i select coin 2 then click on 1st image i can show no.2 on image which was i click then if i click no.5 and also click on 1st image so image related label value is show 7 means 2+5 =7. same fuction for all image and all coins. 2nd eg if i 1st click coin 2 and 2nd click on image for 5 times so 2+2+2+2+2= 10 image label value is show 10 that type function I want to make so please help me on that

Try this. That should work.

try like this,


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