Buttons don´t play sounds

hi, please i need help. i make an app with clickeable images, when i make click, each image, play a different sound.

are 40 pics, divided in two arrangement, when 1 arrangement is visible, the other is invisible. but i have a problem, when i try the app, some of the sound don´t play, 10 of the 40.

i think in first place in an error in the code, but each different time that i try the app, are 10 different images that don´t play.

i think that can be the change between visible and invisible, and put the two arrangement visible, but the same result, is like the app only can reproduce 30 sound, and the fisrt 30 that i play or charge, are the 30 that play.

its possible that the problem be in that i use images instead the buttons?

thanks for your help, and sorry for my english.

Please make sure the option below is checked for the image components.


And maybe this can help you too…

thanks, and yes, is checked

thank you so much, i will try your first option, i think this can help, because charge the sound in the just instant that the person click…

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i tried but don’t work…

How i say, i have 2 arrangement, 1 with 26 buttons and sounds of colors, and other with 20 buttons and sounds of numbers.

I discover that if i stay in the colors section, i can play allá the 26 sounds without problems, but ir i go yo the numbers section, i can only play 16 sounds, without órdenes, the 16 first i play, the only 16 i play.

Is the same if when the app just start i go to the number section, without touch any color button.

And Is the same if i delete the colors arrangement.

Can he something wrong in the numbers arrangement? Maybe a number sound file corrupt?

Testing, i change the sound files, with the same results.

A fact, is that in the color section, are 11 sound files, that repeat in more than 1 button.

In the number section are 20 sound files for 20 buttons.

please attach aia file, i’ll try to help

SoundApp.aia (1,1 MB)
thanks, this is the aia.

i found that is like a limit, if i repeat the 14 sounds, don´t have problem, but per layout i can only play 14 sounds.

if i set that the number 10 to 20 play sound the 1 to 10, the all 20 buttons work perfectly.

in java code, in the mediaplayer, exist this limit, and they use mprelease, to reset the player, and start again playing the sounds.

but i don´t know if something like that exist in makeroid or similars.

i will put another arrangement with the numbers of 10 to 20, and try if work.

i try this and don´t work…

maybe if instead of arrangements i use screens?

Hi, checked your aia file, all 20 sounds play with no problem.
What phone did you test it on? How much memory does it have? Try to use only one sound component (‘Sound1’) instead of 20.


hi, thanks.

i test in 2 different phone, 1 mate 10 lite with 4gb and nougat, and 1 p10 lite with 3gb and oreo, with same results.

but thinking in that you say, found a gomobile, a too basic android phone, and work…

thank you very much, now i know that i have to take another phone to test the apps.

maybe all the huawei have this problem?

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