C.A Report App Request

**Hello, i want to request for a favor from any app developer here. The request goes thus, i want to creat a C.A ( continuous Assessment ) for my former secondary school as a donation. i want the app to use airtable for storage database and also cardview to show student images.

  The following are the way i want it to be:

1 I want a splash screen .i want the user to enter his or her password only to access the app
2. I want a pager in the view showing list of classes e.g JSS1A,JSS1B,JSS2A,JSS2B,JSS3A,JSS3B to SSS3A. I want the user to click on the cardview then a password dialog will appear asking the user password if correct it will take you to another screen where you can access your result.**
can you just show me a little block

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Please change the category from Market Place to Discuss. And first show what you have tried after that only developer will help You…

Already moved. @Powertech_Development, please follow the rules when you are creating a topic.


thanks it was a mistake

Thank You for helping us…

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